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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Edel Outdoors Work?

Edel Outdoors takes the hassle out of finding guided hunting and fishing trips in Texas. With the largest database of hunting and fishing guides in the state, you will be able to compare guides and outfitters and find the trip that is perfect for you.
You can use our search tools and filters to find guides who offer exactly what you want. Once a guide has claimed their business they, create their trips and manage their calendar, showing you what trips are available on specific dates. After you have found the trip you wish to book, you can pay the deposit fee through Edel Outdoors and reserve that trip for your party. Edel Outdoors will contact the guide and confirm the available trip date. In any scenario where that date has already been booked, Edel Outdoors will refund your money or find another date that works for your trip.

 What are the benefits of creating an account with Edel Outdoors?
Creating an account with Edel Outdoors is free and only takes a minute of your time.
You will have the ability to see the largest database of guides and outfitters in Texas. You will be able to book their available trips online. After you have booked your first trip, your rewards with Edel Outdoors begin and you can save on future hunting and fishing trips.
When you are a member, you will recieve the latest news about discounted hunting and fishing trips offered with guides who are members on Edel Outdoors.

How do I post a review?
Posting a review is simple and easy, however, you must be a member to post a review. Go to the reviews tab on the guide or outfitters' profile whom you wish to review and click ADD REVIEW. You can rate (to rate your experience click on the stars) the service, quality, and staff, name and write your review. Please make sure all reviews are specifically about your hunting or fishing trip experience.

What if I want to book a trip with a guide who has not claimed their profile?

If you wish to book a trip with a guide who hasn't claimed their profile you can contact that guide directly and see what trips they have available, or you can contact us here at Edel Outdoors. We will get in touch with the guide and get any information for which you are looking. If you book a trip directly with a guide, make sure and tell him you found his listing on Edel Outdoors.

How does Edel Outdoors Rewards Work?

Edel Outdoors Rewards program is the first reward program where you can receive discounts for going on guided hunting and fishing trips. Once you have booked and been on 5 trips (fishing or hunting), Edel Outdoors will give you a coupon for 25% off your sixth trip. This 25% discount will be taken from the average price of your first 5 trips.

Why does Edel Outdoors have so many guides and outfitters listed?

Edel Outdoors has done its due diligence and researched all the guides in Texas still offering services. We list all available guides and outfitters to allow you to see the largest list of guides and outfitters and pick the trip that is best for you. Our list will grow every month during the first year.

Why does Edel Outdoors only focus on Texas?

At Edel Outdoors, we only focus on Texas to make sure we can provide the highest quality service to both guides and customers looking for guided trips.

Are there any listings other than hunting and fishing guides and outfitters?

We are working on building a list of leases and taxidermists throughout the state of Texas.

If you need any other questions answered please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us 1-800-803-8526.



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