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  Outfitter / Guide Profile

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  Reviews & Ratings

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  Blog Post

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  Business Manager

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  Book Trips Online

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  Photos & Videos

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  Featured Guide Listing

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  Trips Agent Service

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  No Referral / Reservation Fee


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Outfitter / Guide Profile - Display your contact information and publish a picture to represent your business. Show up in the Edel Outdoors guide and outfitter search.

Reviews & Ratings - Allows your past customers to post reviews and rate the experience they had on their trip. This helps possible new customers grasp a better understanding of what to expect on your trips. Also reply to your reviews and interact with your customers online.Review Ratings Example

Add Customer Reviews - Call your past customers and tell them to sign up for Edel Outdoors. Inform them to review and rate the experience they had on their trip. All reviews will be monitored and any reviews not about the hunting or fishing trip experience will be taken down.

Business Manager - Keeps Track of every person that books a trip with you through Edel Outdoors, saving their contact information, the date of the trip, and the exact trip they purchased. The business manager calendar allows you to show customers your available trip dates with easy click booked days technology. Simply click the day of a trip that has already been booked and it will no longer show up as available on your calendar. The calendar and trips will be posted on the home page of your profile.Business Manager 2


Blog Post - Unlimited access to post on the Edel Outdoors blog. If you have a cancelled trip and are offering a discount on it, let the Edel Outdoors community know. Stay connected with anglers and hunters all throughout the states.

Trip Agent - Edel Outdoors Trip Agent is a service where we find a guide / outfitter for an angler or hunter who does not have the time to find one themselves, does not know exactly what to look for, or simply just does not want to put in the work to find a guide or outfitter. By signing up your business is eligible to book these trips. We simply call you and book the trip for our customer if you are the right fit for the trip they are looking for.

Featured Guide / Outfitter Listing - Show up on our home page. Our featured Outfitters section rotates 24 guides and outfitters each day. When you sign up your business is put into this section and will show up on our home page. (The guides are rotated randomly each time the website is opened.)Featured Outfitters

Book Trips Online - Your customers will now be able to reserve your trips online by paying the deposit fee through Edel Outdoors secure payment processors. Once a trip has been booked you will recieve a confirmation email confirming that the trip date requested is still available. Once you have confirmed the date Edel Outdoors will accept the trip and the customer information will be available on your personal Edel Outdoors control pannel.

Photos and Videos - Upload media to your profile. Build your brand and show people wat your trips are all about.

No Referral / Reservation Fee - When you sign up for the yearly membership you will pay no referral fee no matter how many trips are booked through Edel Outdoors. Don't have a website? Can't process payments online? Sign up today allow your customers to book your trips online!

Link your Website & Social Media - Link your website and social media and make it easier for anglers and hunters to find and connect with you.

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