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Claiming & Setting Up Guide & Outfitter Profiles

It's simple quickly learn how to claim and set up your guide / outfitter profile.

How to claim and edit your business information

1. To claim and manage your guide or outfitter profile first you must register an account with Edel Outdoors.

2. After you have registered find your guide profile using our search tools and click claim your business on your profile.ManageBusinessListings

  • Once you have claimed your business Edel Outdoors will contact you to approve your claim.
3. You can than access your profile by clicking the Control Panel Button located on the top right of the website. You will now have multiple buttons appear.
  • Click the Manage Your Business Listings button
  • The name of your profile will appear, click edit to change and edit all the settings of your profile

How to add trips
To be able to add trips and use Edel Outdoors calendar feature you must be signed up for Edel Outdoors Platinum Business.tripmanagementbutton
Once you have signed up for this account we will approve you as a registered outfitter.
Once you're approved you will see a Trip Management button now listed in your control panel.
By clicking on the Trip Management button you will now be able to create a new trip and manage trips already created. Instructions are listed below.
Once you are finished creating a trip click Save Trip and that Trip will now be available for customers to see on your profile.
You can create as many trips as you want to display on your profile.
Accessing the calendar for your trips
CalendarTo access the calendar for your trips stay in the Trip Management section and click Bookings.
Simply click the days that you have available and they will show up as available to customers on your profile.
When a trip is created all days are marked as unavailble you must go through and make days available. This will result in no double bookings.
This is now the simplist way to keep track of all your clients and bookings, and can be accessed on your mobile device. 
If you have any other questions or need help setting up your profile please contact us, we are always available to help.

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