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Interview with Captain Michael Regan; Line Check Charters

Interview with Captain Michael Regan; Line Check Charters

Many people may look at guides, stop and think, it's just work for them, just a job that pays the bills and for some this may be the case. However we wanted to rig up a line of our own and see why exactly guides decide to do what they do.

The reason for our interviews is simple, the best way to ensure a great time on a guided trip is to get to know the guide you will be fishing or hunting with ahead of time. Remember this isn't a hotel room, you can't just go online book the trip and know the personality of the guide or who he is as a person; it takes calls, time, and research; all things that we do here for you at Edel Outdoors. Most cases many hours are spent with your guide and in some cases even days. That is why we decided to help out even more, and give people a chance to get to know some of the great guides we have with us here at Edel Outdoors

Our first interview is with Capt. Mike Regan, a guide who has had the culture of fishing entrenched in his bones since he first held a fishing rod. A true family fisherman who works to see the reactions on anglers faces when they catch the fish of a lifetime. For Capt. Mike it's not a job, it's not a paycheck, it' a passion; about getting people to experience what he gets to experience everyday. If you are debating fishing here in Texas (which we highly recommend). Capt. Regan is a great guide who we have gotten to know well here at Edel Outdoors. We hope this interview is a start to you getting to know a great guide and person as well as we do.

1) Q. What area of Texas do you operate in?

              A. Galveston.

2) Q. What made you want to become a guide?

A. That look on a client’s face when they hook up to that catch of a lifetime, especially younger kids, they are our future outdoorsmen.

3) Q. How long have you guided professionally?   

A. A little more than 5 years.

4) Q. What makes your service different from other guides?

A. We are devoted to our customers. We not only catch fish but we will go out of the way to make sure we provide you the best and most memorable time out on the water we can.

5) Q. Who taught you the most about fishing and had an influence on you becoming a guide?

A. I owe that honor to three people. My Father, Uncle, and Grandfather, whom together did everything they could to get me outdoors as often as possible. There is almost no picture of me as a youngster without a fishing rod in my hand.

6) Q. What is your favorite fish to target, and one tip or piece of advice for people when trying to target this fish?

A.  My most favorite fish to catch is the one currently on your hook. I love catching Sharks and big Drum when we are looking for a muscle aching fight. Nothing pulls harder pound per pound than sharks. When we are hunting down trout and slot reds I love hooking up to those perfect dinner plate sized fish that are just begging to hit the grill.

7) Q. When you’re not on the water what is your favorite thing to do?

A.  If I’m not relaxing with my family, I would be planning my next offshore adventure and rigging tackle, studying charts making sure the next outing is better than the last.


For information on booking your next offshore fishing trip Contact Captain Michael Regan.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (832) 567 6253

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Many people may look at guides, stop and think, it's just work for them, just a job that pays the bills and for some this may be the case. However we wanted to rig up a line of our own and see why exa...

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