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Llano Springs Ranch

13062 W US-290, Austin 78737, Texas, United States

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Llano Springs Ranch, Ltd. is a 4,650 acre family owned and operated ranch located at the headwaters of the South Llano River near Junction, Texas. Three miles of the South Llano River flow through the ranch, creating unsurpassed scenery. The land is representative of the Edwards Plateau region with rolling hills and clear rock bottom springs. The ranch terrain ranges from river bottom to rolling hills covered with live oak and shin oak groves, lacey and chinquapin oaks, persimmon, cedar brakes, the occasional redbud, Texas Sophora and elm trees. Elevations range from 1,917 feet above sea level in the river bottoms to 2,277 feet above sea level in the uplands. Due to the low humidity of the region, the climate is comfortable throughout the year.

Llano Springs Ranch is managed in a way that creates a haven for wildlife. The ranch land and game have been intensively managed for the production of trophy Whitetail & exotic deer since 1994. A limited herd of Axis and Fallow deer thrive on the ranch. Llano Springs Ranch has experienced firsthand benefits of sound land stewardship practices and habitat improvement. Professional land and game management practices guarantee ample food, cover and water for a quality deer herd. Through our game management program planned and coordinated with our private biologist, Fielding Harwell, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department we are producing some of the finest native Whitetail deer in this part of Texas. Llano Springs Ranch annually produces Whitetail bucks qualifying for Texas Big Game Awards. All Whitetails at Llano Springs Ranch are native deer born on the ranch. No Whitetail deer have been stocked on the ranch.

In addition to quality hunting, we offer fishing weekends on a catch and release basis as well as a variety of other game and recreation for hunters and families alike. An assortment of outdoor recreational activities blend well with off season use of the land, water and facilities.

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13062 W US-290, Austin 78737, Texas, United States

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