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Corporate Trip Agent

Does your Company take time looking for the perfect corporate hunting and fishing trips each year?

Let us find and reserve your company's trips, and save you valuable company time.


Does your company take clients on hunting or fishing trips each year?iStock 000054271358 Large

Still using company time to find the right trip including lodging and other accomodations?

Here at Edel Outdoors we understand how important this experience is to keep strong relationships with your top clients.

Let us set up a custom package for your company. We will put together all of the hunting or fishing trips you need, including lodging, and any other accomodations that are necessary.

We will only use guides and outfitters who offer corporate trips. We will be in touch with you once we have found a suitable guide / outfitter, allowing your company to review our selection and see if it is the right fit for what your firm is looking for.

We will even go to the Lodge or location of the guide / outfitter service and make sure it's exactly what your company is looking for.

Please call or email us to get started with your custom corporate trip agent package.

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